D.A.R.E. To KARE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is D.A.R.E.?

D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) is a collaborative effort between law enforcement, schools, parents and community leaders. D.A.R.E. provides children with an opportunity to learn and practice good decision-making skills to lead safe and healthy lives.

Since its inception, more than 75,000 law enforcement officers/deputies have been certified to teach the D.A.R.E. program in the United States. D.A.R.E. is currently in over 10,000 communities nationwide.

Where can I learn more about D.A.R.E.?

Go to www.dare.org/d-a-r-e-to-kare/ for more information.

Why does D.A.R.E. need to raise money?

D.A.R.E. is a privately funded program. D.A.R.E. America, a federally registered 501 (c) 3, provides a science and research based curriculum to highly trained police officers while supporting the funding for D.A.R.E. student educational materials and D.A.R.E. instructor training.

Where does the money go?

100% of the monies raised for D.A.R.E. to KARE projects go back to D.A.R.E.

Where can I purchase more Scratch and Win Tickets?

You can go to sweepstakes.dare.org. Use the map to find a location near you.

How do I know if I am a winner?

Go directly to sweepstakes.dare.org to match your card to one of the cards on the page, click on the campaign and log in your details. Once you log your information- you will be notified if you are a grand prize winner at the end of the campaign.

If I donate my purchased toy back to D.A.R.E., where does it go?

Those donated toys are then given to children’s hospitals, other children charities and shelters in the area. As an example, toys donated in Northern California are being donated to the Oakland Children’s Hospital while in Arizona toys are being donated to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

If I have additional questions, who should I contact?

The best way to get a quick response is to use the contact form on the contact us page. Add your comments or questions and we will get right back to you.